This project is entirely fictional. No, really, it is. When I started it, I thought it would have to be anonymous because I would inevitably use real characters. It turned out that I’d never met the right people to do what I wanted these characters to do. So the narrative really is entirely fictional. But I still want to remain anonymous for the moment, so that you don’t spend all the time trying to spot things which might be real.

Maybe if you’re still reading at the end, and you still want to know, any residual curiosity will be satisfied…..

It’s probably obvious that I work for a UK university. That narrows it down to around 250 thousand people, I think.

I will read and reply to your emails if you send them to


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have enjoyed reading your vignettes and I certainly recognize your academic life as resembling mine. I appreciate that you don’t want to be cynical like Laurie Taylor, but where are you heading with this. Do you intend for there to be critique, or just description? Are you angry about the marketization of UK HE? I think I’d like a little more acid thrown in the mix.

    • Interesting…

      To be honest, I started writing down things which “you couldn’t make up” to give myself a bit of distance from the madness. Then I started to think it was funny…. This advent project is intended purely for entertainment and is entirely fictional. I’m not sure how acidic it might get…Maybe after Christmas, things will get darker….

      And perhaps I work in the same institution as you…who knows?

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